It’s official. I’m blind as a bat.

She’s over Monday too.


I joined wine club.

Palisades on Flickr.


#TBT That one summer I stuck a “Straights Only” sticker inside a church because religion and “sin” will never dictate who I’ll love. #LGBT #Equality #Sinner #Athiest #thesehashtagsareplentiful

Pretty much all you need to know about Windows and why it’s doesn’t hold a candle to Macs.

Still the project I’m most proud of, away from painting. #dreamsequence #dream #sleep

(I do this every day) #workinprogress

pch on Flickr.


Legs. on Flickr.


Ran Venice to the Palisades and back. 10 miles. There are not enough curse words.


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